Norway by Train and Ship


Say goodbye to everyday life and experience Norway on the most beautiful itinerary through the country. Hop on a train in Norway’s capital city of Oslo and enjoy the journey on the notoriously scenic Bergen Railway. Here in the old trading city of Bergen, a ship journey with Hurtigruten heads north along the Norwegian coast and even dips into Geiranger Fjord in the summer and Hjørund Fjord in the fall.

Concluding the ship journey in Trondheim, from here you will then finish your round trip Norway itinerary by heading south to Oslo with the amazing Dovre Railway. This rail line brings you through the most beautiful regions of Norway, to the highest mountain railway station, passes the largest lake in the country, and then ends in the capital.


Where To Buy Tickets: VY | Hurtigruten

Countries Visited: Norway

Price Range: $$$$

Recommended Days: 9-11 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 42 hr

Distance: 1,596 km

Transportation: Train, Ship

Oslo: Norway’s Vibrant Capital City

The special charm of the city lies in the mix of the lively big city, wild nature, and lots of water. The ski jump at Holmenkollen, from where you have a fantastic view over the city and the nearby fjord, is not worth missing.

The fortress of Akershus rises directly above the Oslo fjord. Other sites worth seeing are the town hall, the cathedral of Oslo, and Vigeland Park. A large number of museums such as the Norwegian National Gallery, the Historical Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, and the Viking Ship Museum are worth a visit.

Oslo → Bergen | Duration: 6:30 – 7:30 h | Transfers: 0 | Train


Several times a day the Bergen Railway travels to Bergen over Europe’s largest plateau. After departing, the train crosses the bridges over Drammenselva, Norway’s longest railway bridge at 340m and 451m. Along the journey, you have a beautiful view of Flåmsdal from Myrdal, and also of Finse, sitting at 1,222m above sea level, it is the highest railway station in northern Europe. Book this ticket with VY.

Bergen: The Most Beautiful City In Norway

Welcome to Norway’s second-largest city! In the past, this city held the seat for the Hanseatic League and was used for maritime expeditions. Instead of fleets of warships, today their harbor district is scattered with wooden warehouses and residential buildings.

The Bergenhus fortress at the harbor entrance is one of the best-preserved and oldest fortifications in Norway. The Hanseatic Museum, as well as the Old Bergen Open-Air Museum, both give a vivid impression of everyday life in the past. Don’t forget a visit to the Fisketorget, the colorful fish market at the harbor, where you will find daily catches as well as seasonal vegetables and local handicrafts.

Known as the city of seven mountains, round out your Norwegian trip with a funicular ride or a hike to the top of Fløyen, the closest mountain to the city center, this vantage point offers great views of the city and the harbor, from there you continue on a longer hike or stroll back down to the city center.

Bergen → Trondheim | Duration:  37:15 h  | Transfers: 0 | Ship


The next leg of the journey is by ship with Hurtigruten. They offer several multi-day voyages which can be boarded in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, and many more places, however, this journey connects us in a wonderful two nights to Trondheim all whilst passing plunging cliffs and amazing fjords. In the autumn months, the ship goes through the Hjørund Fjord, and in the summer months, the Geiranger Fjord. There are options to add on excursions to your ship tour with stops in Geiranger village in the summer, and excursions in Ålesund in the winter and spring. 

Geiranger (Summer)
The Windy Road


Next on your travel route in Norway, a ship takes you along the beautiful fjord coast while narrow and wider fjords appear between majestic mountains. The Geirangerfjord, a unique natural diversity, opens up with grandiosity. The flanks of the mountains rise vertically out of the fjord.

At the end of the fjord is the village of Geiranger; where there is an option for an add-on excursion. This excursion includes a drive up Eagle Road (Ørneveien) and with a part of it known as the Trollstigen road. With a gradient of up to ten percent, it leads in eleven hairpin turns to 620m above sea level, where there is a scenic viewpoint of the fjord, the village of Geiranger, surrounding mountains, and the “Seven Sisters” waterfall. Enjoy a meal and the area before heading back on the boat to Trondheim. This excursion is available June 2nd to September 1st.

Excursion: Ålesund (Winter/Spring)
Vistas Galore


In the winter and springtime the ship docks in Ålesund, where there is an option to join in on an Art Noveau excursion or a lighthouse and island exploration excursion both inclusive of a hike to the Aksla viewpoint. These excursions are available Nov 2nd – June 1st.

Trondheim: Exciting History and Gorgeous Fjords

At the mouth of the Nidelva lies the third largest city of Norway, directly at the Trondheim Fjord. The Kristiansten fortress and the Nidarsdom cathedral dominate the cityscape.

Red painted bridges lead to the district Bakkelandet with its narrow alleys and wooden houses. Along the Nidelva the old colorful warehouses, built on wooden beams, are lined up.

The town courtyard impresses with its length of 58 m and delights with its magnificent rooms, filled with rococo furniture and with wood-paneled halls.

Trondheim → Oslo | Duration: 6:45 – 7:30 h | Transfers: 0


The Rauma Railway takes you south toward Dombås. Shortly after the departure of the train, you pass over the Skansen Bru bascule bridge, and are welcomed by the Nidelva valley upon arriving into Støren. Eventually, you will enter the mountain world, and pass through a few tunnels, some of which are listed as historical monuments.

The Rauma Railway climbs to Hjerkinn’s highest station, at 1017 meters above sea level, and traverses over the Dovrefjell mountain range to Dombås. Here in Dombås, you will switch to the Dovre Railway, and this line continues south to Oslo.

Right after passing through Lillehammer, the journey offers great views of Norway‘s largest lake: Mjøsase, and within another 1.5 hours, you will arrive back in Norway’s capital of Oslo. You can book this direct journey with VY.

*Disclaimer: Due to the fluidity of transportation schedules, the information seen on RailwayHero may not be up to date at the time of readíng. Always double-check with the operator for the latest information.


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