A Travel Guide For Interrail & Eurail.

Discover the diversity of Europe by train with Interrail! The Interrail pass is the best way to experience the uniqueness, culinary, historical, and cultural variety of Europe with just one ticket. Instead of sitting on a plane and trying to make the most of the onboard entertainment, by rail, you’re able to enjoy the changing landscapes.

Cover long and short distances comfortably by train with the Interrail ticket. You’ll always have a choice: whether you prefer the ocean in Spain or the Italian Alps, sunny Portugal or cool Norway, German Schnitzel, or Greek Tzatziki – the tastes are different and so is Europe!

What is Interrail?

Since 1972 people have been able to travel Europe by train with the Interrail Pass. This ticket allows you to take an unlimited number of trains and visit up to 33 different countries.

The travel period is between 3 days and 3 months. The Interrail Pass is available for all ages and there are even extra discounts for youths (12-27), seniors (60+), and families. If you are traveling with children, you’ll save extra because, with each adult, 2 children (up to 11 years) travel for free.

Who can use Interrail?

You can buy a Interrail rail pass if you are a citizen or official legal resident of a country in the European Union.
Or one of the following countries:

Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City or Belarus.

Persons who are not citizens or official residents of the countries mentioned are not entitled to travel with an Interrail rail pass. They may instead purchase a Eurail rail pass via

Where can I use Interrail?



Different Passes

Interrail Global Pass

With the Interrail Global Pass, you can travel to all 33 countries that are included in the ticket. If you want to travel to several countries, this ticket is the right choice. With the Global Pass, you can either travel for just a few days per month or up to 3 months with unlimited travel days.

Global Pass Flexi

Travel Days In 1 Month
Travel Days In 1 Month
10 Travel Days In 2 Months
15 Travel Days In 2 Months

Global Pass  Consecutive

15 Days
22 Days
1 Month
2 Months
3 Months

How much does the Interrail Global pass cost?

Youth (12-27)Adult (28-60)Senior (60+)
4 Travel Days in 1 Month168 €218 €196 €
Travel Days in 1 Month
217 €282 €254 €
Travel Days in 1 Month
258 €335 €302 €
10 Travel Days in 2 Months
308 €401 €361 €
15 Travel Days in 2 Months
379 €493 €444 €
15 Days (Consecutive)
341 €443 €399 €
22 days (Consecutive)
398 €518 €466 €
1 Month (Consecutive)515 €670 €603 €
2 Months (Consecutive)562 €731 €658 €
3 Months (Consecutive)693 €902 €812 €


Youth (12-27)Adult (28-60)Senior (60+)
4 Travel Days In 1 Month 168 €218 €196 €
Travel Days In 1 Month282 €376 €338 €
Travel Days In 1 Month335 €446 €401 €
10 Travel Days In 2 Months401 €534 €481 €
15 Travel Days In 2 Months493 €657 €591 €
15 Days (Consecutive)
443 €590 €531 €
22 Days (Consecutive)
518 €690 €621 €
1 Month670 €893 €804 €
2 Months
731 €975 €878 €
3 Months
902 €1202 €1082 €


ROUTES FOR THE Interrail Global PASS

From Amsterdam To Paris

From Amsterdam To Paris

Trip To Nordic Metropolises

Trip To Nordic Metropolises

Interrail One Country Pass

When you’re planning to travel to one specific country, this pass is for you! The One Country Pass is valid for one month and includes up to 8 days of rail travel with unlimited trains each day. However, particular prices apply for different countries:

One Country Pass

3 Travel Days In 1 Month
Travel Days In 1 Month
Travel Days In 1 Month
6 Travel Days In 1 Month
8 Travel Days In 1 Month

How much does the Interrail One Country pass cost?

Country2nd Class
1st Class
Denmarkfrom 105 €from 129 €
Finlandfrom 105 €from 129 €
Lithuaniafrom 51 €from 62 €
Norwayfrom 148 €from 224 €
Swedenfrom 148 €from 182 €
Country2nd Class
1st Class
Bulgariafrom 51 €from 62 €
Polandfrom 51 €from 62 €
Serbiafrom 51 €from 62 €
Slovakiafrom 51 €from 62 €
Czech Republicfrom 51 €from 62 €
Romaniafrom 80 €from 98 €
Hungaryfrom 51 €from 98 €
Country2nd Class1st Class
Greecefrom 80 €from 98 €
Greek Islandsfrom 105 €from 129 €
Italyfrom 105 €from 135 €
Croatiafrom 51 €from 62 €
North Macedoniafrom 51 €from 62 €
Sloveniafrom 51 €from 62 €
Turkeyfrom 51 €from 62 €
Country2nd Class1st Class
Austriafrom 135 €from 129 €
(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
from 105 €from 129 €
Francefrom 127 €from 205 €
Germanyfrom 166 €from 205 €
Great Britain
(England, Scotland, Wales)
from 166 €from 156 €
Irelandfrom 105 €from 205 €
Portugalfrom 180 €from 98 €
Spainfrom 51 €from 62 €
Switzerlandfrom 127 €from 156 €


Slovenia: From Castles To The Coast

Slovenia: From Castles To The Coast

Serbia: Picturesque Towns, Rolling Hills, And Vibrant Nightlife

Serbia: Picturesque Towns, Rolling Hills, And Vibrant Nightlife

Romania: On The Tracks Of Dracula

Romania: On The Tracks Of Dracula

Greece: Island Hopping

Greece: Island Hopping

Bosnia: Crossroads Of The East And West

Bosnia: Crossroads Of The East And West

A Croatian Exploration

A Croatian Exploration

Switzerland & France: Calling All Cheese And Chocolate Lovers

Switzerland & France: Calling All Cheese And Chocolate Lovers

Switzerland: Magnificent Cities, Mountains, and Lakes

Switzerland: Magnificent Cities, Mountains, and Lakes

How does it work?


1. Choose the right Interrail pass: Are you a youth, adult, or senior? Are you traveling with children over 12? Do you want to travel 1st or 2nd class? How long do you want to travel for and how many days are you planning to travel by train? Do you want to travel to one or more countries? If you want to travel to one country – which one?

2. Book your Interrail ticket online. You can buy your train pass up to 11 months in advance. The earlier you book, the more money you can save with extra discounts.

3. The Interrail Passes are delivered by registered mail (incl. Interrail Pass Guide with information on how to use the pass and a railway map). The postal delivery takes 2-4 working days.

4. Check that all the information is correct. If not, return the ticket as soon as possible because it won’t be valid with incorrect information.

5.  Plan your trip and make a seat reservation, if necessary.


1. The Interrail Pass includes one outbound and one inbound journey and comes with a travel diary including date fields for these travels. So if you wish to travel from your country of residence, you need to enter these dates. This entitles you to use your Interrail Global Pass in your country of residence on those two dates. You basically get one free round trip from your home station to the border and back without additional tickets.

2. The ticket inspectors will ask to see your travel diary together with your Interrail Pass.

3. It’s important that you fill in the days on your travel calendar for every train, bus, or ferry you travel on before boarding. If you forget, it’s basically the same as traveling without a ticket and you could end up with a fine.

Enter the date carefully and correctly into the travel calendar, because if you make a mistake you’ll have to enter the correct date in the next travel day box. This way you will lose a travel day (please note that one travel day lasts 24 hours from midnight to midnight).


1. Traveling by train is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to travel. You have the freedom to move around, have lots of legroom and often there is a café, bar or even a restaurant onboard. Traveling without strict security checks and long waits at the airport gate is much more relaxing and truly a bonus when you can arrive directly in the city center without having to take any airport transfers!

2. Nobody has to drive along an unpleasant highway and you don’t have to find a parking spot in a crowded city center. What’s better is using the train ride to plan the rest of the trip together with friends or family.

3. When you travel by an overnight sleeper train, you are able to cover huge distances such as from Munich to Zagreb or Paris to Venice. This is faster than flying and you end up saving money by not spending a night in a hotel.

4. You receive discounts on ferries, buses, museums, and other Interrail partners. Some hostels even offer discounts (normally 10%) for Interrail Pass holders. For example:
→ Generator Hostels *
* offers food & beverage discount redeemable at restaurant or bar (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, and Venice)
→ A&O Hostels
(Aachen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen, Budapest, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Graz, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Venice, Warsaw, Weimar, Vienna)

5. In some countries the Interrail Pass entitles the holder to use local public transport.

6. All standard Interrail Passes are refundable or exchangeable if they are returned unused.

Good to know


With this useful app you can look up train times offline, plan in advance, save journeys from the planner to ‘My Trips’ and see your whole route on the map or as a day-by-day itinerary. You can make seat reservations on this app or can choose to avoid them. Get the App


Interrail with Discover EU

DiscoverEU is an EU initiative that promotes young people to travel around Europe.

Since its inauguration in June of 2018, 70,000 adolescents have been awarded this rail pass.

This initiative was designed in order to help Europe’s youth get in touch with the continent’s history, culture, and diversity, all while simultaneously meeting young people from all over Europe through this travel experience.

To receive this free DiscoverEU pass, you must apply for it. The travelers have to be 18 years old and a citizen of one of the 28 member states of the European Union. The application rounds are in the spring of every year with two application rounds.

You have the option to go solo or have up to 4 friends join you in your group (if they meet the eligibility conditions). Stay connected and share experiences on social media using the hashtag #DiscoverEU. There are also different Facebook groups to organize meet-ups or plan travels together.

Reservations are not covered by DiscoverEU Interrail Passes.


Interral Greek Island Pass

If you are planning to experience the beauty of Greece, we recommend the Greek Islands Pass. This pass is perfect for island hopping across the Aegean Sea and gives you the opportunity to travel up to 53 unique Greek islands (for example Crete, Ios, Karpathos, Koufonissi, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Patmos, Rhodes, and Santorini). Buy Here

Passholders can get a 30% discount on all additional trips within the Greek Islands during the validity period of the pass.

There are two different passes, which allow you to do 5 trips within 1 month or 6 trips within 1 month

5 Trips Within 1 Month:

→ All trips are on domestic routes within Greece
→ Only applicable to 2nd class
→ Transfers are not included

6 Trips Within 1 Month:

→ Two trips between Italy (Venice, Ancona or Bari) and Greece (Patras* or Igoumenitsa) are included, but the other 4 trips must be made on domestic routes
→ A choice between 1st or 2nd class seating on international ferries (but not on domestic ferries)
→ *When traveling from Italy to the port of Patras, Greece, you have to take a bus or train to the port of Piraeus, which is included

Guidebooks For Interrail

Travel with a guidebook ease your journey to find best sights and things to do. Buy it on Amazon.

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