A Travel Guide For The New South Wales Discovery Pass.

New South Wales is one of the most famous regions of Australia and is very popular with Australians and tourists alike. With a Discovery Pass, you can not only visit places in New South Wales like Sydney and Broken Hill, but also travel to neighboring regions and visit cities like Brisbane and Melbourne.

In addition to exciting cities, there are plenty of surf beaches, the Blue Mountains, rainforests, and the outback (situated inland).


What is the NSW Discovery Pass?

With the NSW Discovery Pass, you can visit the popular cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra, as well as more than 365 locations in New South Wales.

Who can use the NSW Discovery Pass?

The Rail Pass is only for tourists; therefore, Australians or people living in Australia cannot buy the Discovery Pass. Infants under 4 years of age who can sit on the lap of an adult and do not occupy a seat themselves travel free of charge. If the infant occupies a seat, the normal fare applies.

Where can I use the NSW Discovery Pass?

With the NSW Discovery Pass, you can travel on Australia’s NSW TrainLink regional train and bus routes to destinations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. NSW TrainLink services allow you to travel from Broken Hill in the outback to Brisbane in the north, to Queensland’s Gold Coast, south to Melbourne, and to the country’s capital Canberra.


The following routes can be traveled with this pass:

  • XPT: Sydney – Brisbane
  • XPT: Sydney – Melbourne
  • Explorer: Sydney – Broken Hill
  • The entire network of NSW TrainLink


The NSW Discovery Pass is not valid on NSW TrainLink Intercity or Sydney train services (except when traveling in conjunction with a connecting NSW TrainLink Regional service). Not valid for travel on:


  • Great Southern Railway
  • Queensland Travel Train
  • Melbourne Met Services

How much does it cost?

14 days
AUD $ 163
1 month
AUD $ 193
3 months
AUD $ 209
6 months AUD $ 294
14 days
AUD $ 210
1 month
AUD $ 245
3 months
AUD $ 280
6 months AUD $ 385


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How does it work?

Once you have ordered the Discovery Pass, you will receive a confirmation by email within 48 hours, which will be considered a valid travel authorization. The Discovery Pass will be activated automatically once you have booked the journey sections. You will receive the exchange voucher by email within 3 to 5 working days. You can upgrade to first-class seats and sleeping accommodation for an extra payment.

After you purchase a Discovery Pass, you have up to 6 months to book your first trip. You must book each trip before departure.
The period on your Pass starts on the departure date of your first booked trip.
The easiest way to book your routes online with the Discovery Pass is as follows:

  • Search for your departure point, your destination and your travel dates
  • Select the ‘Discovery Pass’ pass type
  • Enter your Discovery Pass ID and your last name
  • Select the desired route(s)

The free seat reservations must be made urgently in advance, as the pass itself does not guarantee a seat. In order to obtain a valid ticket, a reservation must be made for each individual leg of the journey. This should be done at least 24 hours before departure. During the high season between December and February, we consider it necessary to reserve a seat a few weeks in advance.


The rail pass entitles you to travel but does not include a seat. As standing room is not permitted on Australian trains, it is necessary to reserve a seat free of charge in advance for each part of the journey via “Queensland Rail” or “NSW TrainLink”.

Please note that you should book your reservation at least 24 hours before departure. During the high season between December and February, it is recommended that you book your seat a few weeks in advance. The easiest way to make a reservation is by phone or e-mail.

Depending on your pass, you will need to contact either Queensland Rail or NSW TrainLink to finalize your reservation. Please have your ticket number ready. You should also carry your passport with you at all times as the ticket number may be checked. Contact details for the reservation will be provided with your travel documents.

Good to know

All trains are air-conditioned, so it is recommended to take a light jacket or similar with you.

Payments on board can only be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Diner Card, or cash. For example, you can buy food and drinks in the dining car or buffet cars.


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