A Travel Guide For The German Rail Pass.

Germany is not only Lederhosen and Schnitzel but so much more! Each region has its own special features, which is what makes the country unique. The German high-speed trains make it extra easy for you to get to know each region.

You can have breakfast at the harbor of Hamburg in the morning and enjoy the view of the Bavarian Alps all in the same day. What makes the German Rail Pass special is that you are able to get extra discounts when traveling with more people, and you can even use it to travel to places outside of Germany.


What is the German Rail Pass?

With the German Rail Pass, you can travel through Germany by train without limits – even on ICE high-speed trains. You have the choice to travel on consecutive and non-consecutive days within one month.

Who can use the German Rail Pass?

The German Rail Pass is for all customers with residence outside of Europe, Turkey, and Russia. The pass is available as either 1st or 2nd class in the following categories: Adult (one adult), Twin (two adults), and Youth (persons who are 12 – 27 years old).

For people who want to travel with children, the German Rail Pass is particularly attractive because per Adult pass, 2 children (up to and including 11 years of age) can travel for free. That means with a Twin pass, 4 children can travel for free!

Unaccompanied children between 6 and up to and including 11 years of age can use the youth ticket.

Where can I use the German Rail Pass?

With the German Rail Pass, you can travel through all of Germany by train and to some cities in Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

How much does it cost?

Youth Adult Twin
3 Travel Days (Consecutive)
139 € 171 € 261 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
148 € 189 € 279 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
162 € 198 € 297 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
193 € 243 € 364 €
10 Travel Days (Consecutive) 234 € 288 € 436 €
15 Travel Days (Consecutive)
324 € 405 € 607 €
3 Travel Days In 1 Month
144 € 180 € 270 €
Travel Days In 1 Month 153 € 193 € 288 €
Travel Days In 1 Month 166 € 207 € 306 €
Travel Days In 1 Month 202 € 252 € 382 €
10 Travel Days In 1 Month 261 € 324 € 485 €
15 Travel Days In 1 Month 369 € 450 € 674 €


  Youth Adult Twin
3 Travel Days (Consecutive)
189 € 234 € 346 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
198 € 252 € 378 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
216 € 270 € 400 €
Travel Days (Consecutive)
265 € 328 € 490 €
10 Travel Days (Consecutive) 315 € 391 € 584 €
15 Travel Days (Consecutive)
441 € 548 € 818 €
Travel Days In 1 Month
193 € 243 € 360 €
Travel Days In 1 Month 207 € 261 € 387 €
5 Travel Days In 1 Month 220 € 279 € 414 €
Travel Days In 1 Month 279 € 342 € 512 €
10 Travel Days In 1 Month 351 € 441 € 656 €
15 Travel Days In 1 Month 494 € 620 € 926 €



East Germany On Rails

East Germany On Rails

How does it work?

You can activate your German Rail Pass very easily by having it stamped at the ticket counter of your departure station on the day of your first train journey.

A seat reservation is optional but recommended to guarantee a seat on a particular train at a particular time. It is recommended that you make a reservation on trains that run at peak travel times, night trains, high-speed trains, and especially scenic trains.

The German Rail Pass also covers the S-Bahn service for which you do not have to pay a supplement on ICE, ICE Sprinter, IC, EC trains, or City Night Line trains (only if the pass covers the entire route).


The special thing about the German Rail Pass is that it is not only valid for train journeys within Germany, with the pass you can also travel with DB trains to the following stations:

– Salzburg, Kufstein and Innsbruck in Austria
– Liège and Brussels in Belgium
– Bolzano, Trento, Verona, Bologna and Venice in Italy
– Basel Badischer Bahnhof in Switzerland

You may also use the DB IC Buses with the German Rail Pass on routes from Germany to another country, for example on the following routes:

– Berlin Hbf to Poznan, Lodz, and Warsaw (Poland)
– Dusseldorf to Roermond, Eindhoven, and Maastricht (Netherlands), to Antwerp, Liège, Ghent (Belgium) and to Lille (France)
– Frankfurt (Main) to Luxembourg
– Hamburg to Amsterdam (Netherlands)
– Munich, Mannheim, Leipzig, Heidelberg
– Nuremberg to Prague (Czech Republic)

Reservations are an additional cost.

You will also receive a 20% discount on the “Romantic Road” route (Frankfurt am Main-Wurzburg-Augsburg-Munich-Fussen). This is the most famous and popular German tourist route and runs from the River Main to the Alps. It is strongly recommended to book your seats two days in advance with Deutsche Touring GmbH.

Good to know

With the pass you receive vouchers and discounts for many tourist attractions all over Germany. For example you get a free CityCard in: Augsburg, Erfurt, Koblenz, Münster, Osnabrück, Rostock, Trier, Wiesbaden and Würzburg.

With this CityCard, you will receive discounts for numerous cultural offerings around that particular city.

Further special offers include sightseeing & boat trips in Hamburg and Berlin, a free Museum Card in Tübingen, a free Museum-Speed-Dating-Card in Lübeck, free travel magazines for Aachen and Freiburg, and much more.

Especially practical is that with the German Rail Pass you get 10% off the daily rate at all A&O Hostels if you book in advance. A&O Hostels is the biggest chain of hostels worldwide and you may use the discount in hostels in almost every major city in Germany.


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