A Travel Guide For The Central Europe Triangle Pass.

Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Salzburg are some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With a Central Europe Triangle Pass, you can visit three of these cities without having to worry about booking single train tickets.

Vienna, the city known for its excellent coffee, imperial palaces, and is home to as many famous artists as Prague is. Prague, the “City of a Hundred Towers” is located directly on the Vltava River and attracts visitors with its colorful baroque buildings, breathtaking views, and traditional beer taverns. You can then choose whether you want to travel to Budapest or Salzburg to complete your Central Europe Triangle Pass.

Whether you prefer to visit the traditional bathhouses and ruined pubs of the Hungarian capital or enjoy the impressive architecture of Salzburg and the view of the city from the cable car – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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What is the Central Europe Triangle Pass?

The Central Europe Triangle Pass is available for journeys in 2nd class only and valid for three one-way trips on one of the following routes:

● Vienna – Prague – Budapest – Vienna
● Vienna – Prague – Salzburg – Vienna

You can travel to these four cities with the Central Europe Triangle Pass. The pass only needs to be pre-validated and used within one month.

The pass can be started from any city and can be used in either direction. For example, you can go first to Prague and then to Budapest or begin your trip in Salzburg instead of Vienna.

Who can use the Central Europe Triangle Pass?

Everyone, except residents of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Hungary is eligible to purchase or use a Central Europe Triangle Pass.

Where can I use the Central Europe Triangle Pass?

With the Central Europe Triangle Pass, you can visit Vienna and Salzburg in Austria, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Budapest in Hungary.

You have the opportunity to choose one of two itineraries:


  • Vienna – Prague – Budapest – Vienna
  • Vienna – Prague – Salzburg – Vienna
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How much does it cost?

  Child Adult
$84 $168 $168
Vienna-Salzburg-Prague-Vienna $84 $168 $168

The pass is valid for 1 month.

ROUTES FOR THE Central Europe Triangle PASS

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How does it work?

The Central Europe Triangle Pass is printed on official railway ticket paper that will be sent to your home by mail.

You can then decide for yourself from which city you want to start your journey and can take the train in any direction. You simply get your pass stamped at the ticket counter while at the departure station before your first train journey and it will be valid from then on.

If you are planning to take a train at a popular time of day or a night train, we recommend that you consider booking a seat.


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