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Hungary has so much history and beauty in the country. From the exciting capital city to some beautiful rural escape towns, on this Hungary itinerary, you will get to see so many sides of this fantastic country.

Explore the side streets, the mixture of architecture stylings, the exquisite gardens, and some incredible sights. Enjoy this exciting round-trip throughout Hungary.


Where To Buy Tickets: Hungarian Railways MÁV

Countries Visited: Hungary

Price Range: $$

Recommended Days: 14 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 12 hrs

Distance: 472 km

Transportation: Train, Bus, Ferry, (Optional Taxi)

Budapest: The Busy City

With a little bit of something for everyone, with its dramatic history, healing thermal waters, and incredible nightlife. The city is a treasure trove for indescribable architecture with baroque, neoclassical, and art nouveau buildings. Fancy a bit of a relaxing visit, luckily Budapest has an abundance of hot springs. Head to one of the many bathhouses where you can choose from the Turkish-era, art nouveau, or even some of the more modern establishments.

If you want to get a bit of a fresh perspective of the Hungarian capital, there is no better way than from the waters on the River Danube. On the banks of the river, you will see the Neo-gothic Hungarian Parliament building, the Buda Castle, and even the Fishermans’ Bastion.

Get a sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth at the Chocolate Museum. This delicious museum gives the rich history of Hungarian chocolate, whilst taking you on a culinary journey through history and even some tasting sessions. You can dip some marzipan balls into the chocolate fountain or even make your own handmade chocolates.

Budapest Nyugati → Visegrád Nagymarosi | Duration: 0:41h | Transfers: 0


Only a short journey from the capital, after arriving at the Visegrad Nagymarosi station, find a ferry stand to buy tickets to cross the Danube. The actual city of Visegrad is on the opposite side of the river from the train station and the ferry tickets very reasonably priced and can easily be bought the day of. These ferries are timed with the train arrivals and departures so you won’t miss the journey across to your final destination. You can buy your tickets online at MÁV or at the train station.

Visegrád: ​Leafy Goodness

Visegrád is the home to plenty of history on the Danube Bend. There are reminders of the great past that can be seen in its 13th Century citadel which allows some spectacular views from high above the river.

It may be a small eastern Hungarian town but is surrounded by exquisite green limestone ravines and stunning colors in the fall. Enjoy the colorful leaves from the Visegrad Castle or take a hike on one of the many laid-out trails nearby.

Looking for a bit more thrill? Zip down the bobsled track or partake in some archery within walking distance of the castle.


Visegrád Nagymarosi → Szentendre Autóbusz-Állomás | Duration: 0:27 h | Transfers: 0


There is no train route to the next city of Szentendre, but there is a short direct bus that leaves once a day from the Visegrad side of the Danube. You can go to any Volanbusz station in the country ahead of time to ask about bus times and connection options. There are options to find the timetables online but they are not always up to date and confusing to access. We recommend talking to the bus station directly. If the bus has already left for the day, the distance isn’t too far to travel by taxi.

Szentendre: Ride The Danube

The southern gateway to the Danube Bend, Szentendre’s art colony has transformed the town into a lucrative tourist area. Szentendre hosts dozens of art museums, galleries, and churches, and is quite a popular location for tourists visiting Hungary looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

A great spot to start is the Szamos Marzipan Museum, dedicated to Matyas Szamos who is the founder of the Szentendre Marzipan Factory. The museum offers an insight into this exciting world of confectionary. You will find exhibition pieces surrounded by glass cases and a whole manner of sculptures which include scenes from Disney, as well as, famous buildings and attractions from around the world.

Szentendre Train Station → Esztergom Railway Station | Duration: 1:33 h | Transfers: 1


There is no direct train from Szentendre to Esztergom, but there is an easy transfer in Aquincum. There are regularly scheduled trains from Szentendre to Aquincum (0:24h journey), and then change trains to Aquincum Felsoe station, across the street to head to Esztergom. These trains are also regularly scheduled throughout the day and only take 50 min. You can buy your tickets online at MÁV or at the train station.

Esztergom: Dramatic Castles

Esztergom is home to a massive basilica that sits high above the Danube River and town. An incredible sight that seems to rise out of nowhere. It is a picturesque town that is packed with plenty of historic attractions to visit.

This little town used to be the capital of Hungary and is now one of the oldest in the country. It is a town with spectacular scenery and the beauty of the past and art.

Make sure to visit the Royal Castle Palace and Museum where there is a permanent exhibition that tells the dramatic story of the castle using an extensive collection of pottery, weapons, and fragments of ancient stone columns. On the bank of the Danube under the castle walls is the Víziváros, an episcopal neighborhood that was transformed by the Ottomans who built Turkish baths and mosques.

Esztergom Railway Station → Gyor Train Station | Duration: 2:25 h | Transfers: 1


The next location is known under several names so make sure to get the train to the right destination. Györ / Dör / Gyoer is only 2.5 hours away from Esztergom. Take a train from Esztergom to Almasfuezitoe; this train leaves once a day in the afternoon and takes 1:20h. In Almasfuezitoe there are hourly trains that leave to head to Esztergom and take only 0:39h.

Gyor: The Meeting Point

Situated in the heart of Kisalföld which is the meeting point of the Mosoni-Danube and Rába Rivers. When you visit, you will notice that the city has a lot of Baroque architecture. You will also find that one of the main attractions to the city is the Káptalan Hill which is at the confluence of the Danube, Rába, and Rábca Rivers.

A great spot to visit is Gyor’s Old Town which has a rather irregular grid system that places you at stately squares in this colorful little town. You will notice that the architecture is a mixture of Baroque and Neo-classical, with stucco facades in yellow and pastel tones.

Another great place to visit that really stands out in the city is the Városháza which is the town hall. Very much a Baroque design, you will make out Gyor’s coat of arms, and if you get the chance to look inside the lobby you will see beautiful marble sculptures.

Gyor Train Station → Tihany sportpálya | Duration: 3:30 h | Transfers: 1


Take a train from Györ train station to Veszprem, there are seven regularly scheduled trains throughout the day to Veszprem. From there get on a bus to Tihany. There are no train connections to Tihany but the bus ride is a great alternative to reach your next destination. You can go to any Volanbusz station in the country ahead of time to ask about bus times and connection options. There are options to find the timetables online but they are not always up to date and confusing to access. We recommend talking to the bus station directly.

Tihany: Pretty Peninsula

Next on our Hungary itinerary is Tihany a place known for its historical significance, stunning flowers, and wonderful Lake Balaton. The peninsula is a nature reserve of hills and marshy meadows that makes it incredibly tranquil. You will be able to see the enchanting beauty as you visit some of the must-see spots of Tihany.

A wonderful spot to visit is the lavender garden which was planted by a botanist after the First World War. The lavender now grows across a 100-hectare plot which is a stunning sight to see when in full bloom. You can visit the center of the garden for an exhibition about the locality’s geological past and more, as well as a little shop where you can buy lavender products.

The Tihany peninsula is home to three exquisite lakes. You can visit Lake Balaton, Inner Lake, and Outer Lake. These are beautiful spots for a long walk, or even head out on a boat trip.

Tihany → Szekesfehervar Train Station | Duration: 2:08 h | Transfers: 1


Take a taxi or a bus from Tihany to the Bataltonfuered train station (only 8km away from Tihany) to get on a direct train to Szekesfehervar.

Szekesfehervar: Natural Beauty

This Hungarian town is located between Budapest and Lake Balaton. In the Middle Ages, it was a royal residence and was one of the most important cities in the country. The streets are colorful with magnificent statues everywhere. The beautifully colored town square is something not to miss with its bright yellow exterior and cobbled streets with some beautiful natural spots dotted around the square.

In the center of Szekesfehervar is the Medieval Ruin Garden which is home to the remains of the Church of the Virgin Mary. It was the site of coronations, royal burials, and more. Another wonderful place to visit is Bory Castle which is a Hungarian self-built castle. The building features a range of architectural styles, and you are able to freely climb the towers and also walk among the garden’s sculptures.


Szekesfehervar Train Station →  Budapest Deli | Duration: 0:47-1:01 h | Transfers: 0


Finish off your journey by heading back to Budapest on your round trip journey in Hungary or continue onto a neighboring country from Budapest. Perhaps you can head to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Bucharest, or even Zagreb. Whether it be a night train or a day train, your journey doesn’t have to end in Budapest if you don’t want it to!

*Disclaimer: Due to the fluidity of transportation schedules, the information seen on RailwayHero may not be up to date at the time of readíng. Always double-check with the operator for the latest information.


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