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Useful Information

Population: 3.07 million

Currency: Tugrik

Language: Mongolian

Capital: Ulaanbaatar | Ulan Bator

Country Code: +976

Time Zone: Hovd Time, Ulaanbaatar Time, Choibalsan Time

Train Companies

The railway network in Mongolia is operated by the Ulaanbaatar Railway (UBTZ), also traditionally known as Mongolian Railway.

Mongolia Rail Map


Train Tickets

Buy your train tickets for the Trans-Siberian Train online at RealRussia.

Buy your train tickets for the local trains at the train station.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Mongolia.


Local trains are operational northbound and southbound from Ulaanbaatar daily, and local trains are available a couple of times a week to Beijing and also to Irkutsk.

  • Three Classes offered:
    • Soft Sleeper: a 4-bed private compartment, bedding is provided at an additional cost, seats are assigned after a ticket has been issued
    • Hard Sleeper (platzkartnuu): bedding is provided at an additional cost, seats are assigned after a ticket has been issued
    • Hard Seat: can be crowded as seats are not assigned
  • Reservations required for sleepers

The long-haul trains on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, linking Mongolia to Russia and China, operate in both directions once a week. For more information see the Trans-Siberian page.

All local trains operating in Mongolia are considered night trains as well since you can sleep on them. See National Trains.

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Frequently Travelled Routes In Mongolia


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Ulaanbaatar to Darkhan 4:32 Direct Train
Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet 10:50 Direct Train
Ulaanbaatar to Choir 4:40 Direct Train
Ulaanbaatar to Sukhbaatar 7:58 1 Train



From > To
Duration (h) Changes Transport
Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, China 31:28 Direct Trans-Mongolian Railway
Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk, Russia 23:51 Direct Train
Ulaanbaatar to Moscow, Russia 99:00 Direct Train

Mongolia travel routes

Trans-Mongolian Railway From Moscow To Beijing

Trans-Mongolian Railway From Moscow To Beijing

Main Train Stations

  • Ulaanbaatar

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Mongolia

We recommend visiting anytime between Mai and August for the best temperatures and lush green steppes; however, Mongolia is a place where you can experience an adventure year-round! Mongolia is known for their yurts (ger camps), stunning horseback riding adventures, and dune climbing in Gobi desert; however, there is also so much more to think of when Mongolia comes to mind.

Mongolia is home to elaborate Buddhist monasteries, beautiful national parks, and picturesque mountain ranges all throughout the country. There are fun events throughout the year to witness some of which include the Thousand Camel Festival, the Yak Festival, the Lake Khovsgol Ice Festival, and the Sand Festival in Western Mongolia. Come on, you know you want to take a look around Mongolia, and how better to do it than en route on the Trans-Siberian Railway!

  • High Season: June to August
  • Low Season: November to March


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