Night Train Sofia to Istanbul


A Travel Guide For The Night Train Sofia to Istanbul. The Sofia-Istanbul Express


Train Type: Night Train

Countries:  Bulgaria, Turkey

Classes & Ammenities

The night train from Sofia to Istanbul is operated by the turkish train company TCDD.

Sleeping Cars

In the couchettes there are 4 or 6 beds. The lower benches serve as seats and a bed can be folded out. The upper beds can be folded out for use. The compartments are equipped with air conditioners, which can also be used as heaters. In each compartment there is a socket and light.

In each wagon are 2 toilets for common use and a wash basin. A pillow and blanket is provided in all compartments. You will get a comforter cover from the train attendant.

Sleeping car compartments have their own washbasin and in some compartments there is also a small table. In addition, there is a shared toilet in each wagon.

The equipment may vary depending on the train and route.
No restaurant is provided on board this train. We recommend that you bring your own snacks and drinks.

Air conditioner


Sleeping car



Pillow & Blanket

Tickets & Prices

Tickets for the night train from Vienna to Bucharest can be bought at the ticket office only. It is not possible to buy the tickets online.You can buy it at the train station in Sofia, Russe, Istanbul Halkali and more stations with a international ticket office. 

The price for a ticket starts at 19€ for as 6-bed-couchette. The price for a 4-bed-couchette starts from 29,00€and 44,00€ for a 2-bed-sleeper-compartment.

You can also use your Interrail/Eurail pass, but you have to make a reservation for the train.

Reservation fees
6-bed couchette car: 9,40 € p. p.
4-bed couchette car: 10 € p. p.
Sleeping car double occupancy: 15 € p. p.
Sleeping car single occupancy: 35 €


The Sofia-Istanbul Express leaves Sofia daily at 21:00 and reaches Istanbul Halkiali main station the next day at 07:49. The travel time is 10:49 hours.

Timetable of the night train from Sofia to Istanbul.

Bahnhof Ankunft Abfahrt
 Septemwr 22:38 22:39
 Pasardschik 22:49 22:50
 Plowdiw 23:15 23:20
 Dimitrowgrad 00:01 00:16
 Swilengrad 01:00 01:45
 Kapıkule   03:00 03:52
 Edirne   04:07 04:09
 Çerkezköy   06:15 06:17
 Istanbul 07:49  

Travel Routes

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