The Netherlands

It's Not All Cheese!

The Netherlands is an incredible country that has a rich and colorful history. Throughout this Netherlands itinerary, by rail, you will pass the classic storybook styling of windmills and tulip fields as well as be able to visit gothic architecture castles and innovative cities.

Wander across canals, listen to amazing music, and venture into one of the famous Dutch cafes. Enjoy this special round-trip of the charming Netherlands.


Where To Buy Tickets: OMIO | Dutch Railways (NS)

Countries Visited: Netherlands

Price Range: $$$

Recommended Days: 10 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 7 hr

Distance: 162 km

Transportation: Train

Amsterdam: City Of Canals

Head around every bend, across canals, and find intrigue-filled museums, delicious dining experiences, and haunting histories. When you explore the city every corner will surprise you, from floating flower markets, extraordinary art from street styles to Van Gogh, and the famous dancing houses along the canals. Amsterdam, known for its canals and as the Venice of the North, enjoy them from another perspective by taking a canal boat cruise.

Amsterdam is a city well known for the legalization of prostitution in the red-light district. So why not take a tour of all of the hot spots, and learn about the famous prostitution history that this city has to offer. Who better to give a tour of the red-light district than the Prostitution Information Centre? The PIC was created to defend the rights and respect of the sex workers of the city.

Dutch cheese is a delicacy and has been a tradition for more than 600 years, each taking their names from the different cities in the Netherlands. Explore the Cheese Museum situated on the Prinsengracht, you will be able to taste the different varieties of Dutch cheese and learn about the production of the cheeses throughout history. When you’re all cheesed out, stop at one of the many eateries that serve up tasty poffertjes.

Amsterdam Centraal → The Hague Station | Duration: 0:36h | Transfers: 0


Train journeys are very quick in the Netherlands. You can get to another amazing city in less than an hour. Check timetables and buy tickets ahead of time on Omio.

The Hague: Governmental Beauty

The Netherlands’ third-largest city is known for its regal beauty and being populated with bureaucrats and businesspeople. It is known for being the seat of the government. But also has a rich history and culture with some indescribable art within the museums and architectural structures.

It also has a hot culinary scene where restaurants experiment with modern European cuisine. And after your dining experience, you can head out to one of the many live music venues to dance the night away.

A great stop for anyone is the Escher in Het Paleis, also known as the mathematical museum. But this is no ordinary mathematical museum, M.C. Escher used math and geometry to create beautifully symmetric and graphic art. You will be able to wander through 150 famous art prints that have been created in a variety of materials.

Enjoy walking through all of the Netherlands when you visit Madurodam. A miniature park that has replicas of important buildings and cities from all around the country. You will get to see all of the culture, history, and architecture in a condensed manner.

Den Haag Centraal → Gouda Railway Station | Duration: 0:27 h | Transfers: 0


Another short journey ahead, we are heading east to Gouda and you can buy this ticket from the Dutch Railways (NS). Trains leave regularly throughout the day.

Gouda: Cheese Central

When you hear Gouda you probably think of the famous cheese. But our third stop on our Netherlands itinerary has a lot more than just cheese to offer. You will find the largest cache of 16th-century stained glass in the world, along with the famous weighing house and cheese market. This smaller canal-ringed city boasts a lot of history, trendy hotspots, and passionate people who make the city what it is today.

You can’t visit Gouda and not head to the famous cheese market that is held every Thursday morning. You will find traders and farmers who will be selling large quantities of cheese and will be seen negotiating great deals. Displays of large cheese wheels add color to the market with the different shades of yellow and orange.

Whilst you are in Markt Square, you’ll find the iconic Gouda Stadhuis. This town hall is one of the oldest buildings in the country that features pointed towers and arched windows.

Gouda Railway Station → Rotterdam Centraal | Duration: 0:18 h | Transfers: 0


There is a short direct journey less than 20 minutes from Gouda to Rotterdam. Trains leave regularly throughout the days. You can buy these tickets on Omio.

Rotterdam: Innovation Station

Rotterdam is the second-largest city and is known for its innovation, especially when it came to rebuilding the entire city. This now modern metropolis has built its culture on novelty with its cutting-edge design. Every corner you will see the interesting and unique architectural design, as well as an amassing of cafes.

You will find hipster-inspired spots to the traditional grand cafes where you can watch the city come alive while you sip on your coffee. The city also sits on some miraculous canals with architect-designed bridges that you can wander over. Or why not head out on one of the water-taxis for a tour of the city.

A true sign of the cities innovation is the magnificent Cube Houses. They are peculiar buildings for residents that were designed to represent a forest. All of the houses are occupied, but you can experience living inside the slanted walls by heading into the museum.

Enjoy the beauty at the Kunsthal Art Museum, which only presents temporary exhibits. The content constantly changes which allows a focus on under-appreciated artwork and sticks with the city’s mantra of innovation.

Rotterdam Centraal → Utrecht Centraal | Duration: 0:37-1:27 h | Transfers: 0


Hop on the train at Rotterdam Centraal to go to Utrecht, the last metropolis on this route before ending the trip in Amsterdam. Trains leave regularly throughout the day, and these tickets can be bought on  Omio.

Utrecht: Old But Beautiful

One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht has become a vibrant university city. A hotspot for concerts and cafes tucked beyond the canals but still shows its medieval routes. You will find beautiful venues to wine and dine, dance the night away, and then rest up in indulgent boutique hotels once historic mansions.

Enjoy visiting the UNESCO Heritage Site of Rietveld Schröder House, which was designed by Gerrit Rietveld. It has many interesting design features like adjustable walls that are made to create additional space when they are moved. Step into history as you visit the neo-gothic De Haar Castle that was built on an older fortress. Walk through the beautiful architecture and climb the exquisite towers.

If you want to relieve a bit of your childhood, head to the Miffy Museum. The Utrecht’s Centraal Museum created a permanent exhibition that honors Dick Bruna and his illustrations.

Utrecht Centraal → Amsterdam Centraal | Duration: 0:30 h | Transfers: 0


Your train journey doesn’t have to end in Amsterdam. You can reach plenty of other great European destinations from the Netherlands, such as Paris, France; Frankfurt & Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; London, England, and many other places. Check timetables and buy tickets ahead of time on Omio.

*Disclaimer: Due to the fluidity of transportation schedules, the information seen on RailwayHero may not be up to date at the time of readíng. Always double-check with the operator for the latest information.


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