Indonesia: Lush Green Landscape And Passing Volcanoes


Indonesia is a beautiful country full of islands to explore, filled with a deep and intense history, ancient beauties, and plenty of adventure.

On this Indonesia travel route, you will get to visit some of the wonderful cities of Java, on a train journey traveling through a mountainous and lush green landscape, passing volcanoes, and through forests.


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Countries Visited: Indonesia

Rail Passes: –

Price Range: $

Recommended Days: 10-14 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 17.5 hr

Distance: 1,127 km

Transportation: Train

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Jakarta: Capital Fun

Jakarta is a vibrant city that has a chaotic and dynamic charm that attracts visitors from all around the world. The capital city of Indonesia is a tremendous place to explore due to its history and diverse culture that is surrounded by natural beauty. There is plenty to be seen and to do in this buzzing city, from historical sites, attractions, and delicious restaurants.

The Sunda Kelapa Harbor is a must-visit. Previously it used to be one of the main ports of trade for Indonesia. Now it is a humming fishing port with morning market auctions bidding for the daily fresh catches. It is a beautiful spot to visit and is also surrounded by cultural museums such as the Fatahillah Museum. Which is in a Dutch colonial building previously used as the city hall. In the museum, you will get to see the history of Jakarta and how the charming city came to be. To discover what the rest of the Indonesian Archipelago is like, make a visit to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Throughout the country, the official religion is Islam, and Jakarta is home to Istiqlal Mosque. The mosque can host more than 100,000 people during prayer time and is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Stop into the Museum Wayang, the “Puppet Museum” where you can learn about this age-old Indonesian entertainment form.

Jakarta Gambir → Bandung Station | Duration: 3:02 h | Transfers: 0


There are multiple direct connections to Bandung daily. Buy your train tickets on Tiket.

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Bandung: Cultural Joys

Bandung is a city filled with culture, coffee shops, and around every corner of this city. You will find greenhouses and floral businesses with a mountainous backdrop. The combination of the lively city and beautiful surroundings make this a must-visit stop on this Indonesia travel route.

In North Bandung, you can head out into nature by taking a tour of the tea plantations, such as the  Ciater Tea Garden. Set at the foot of the Burangrang mountains. You will be able to enjoy a tea walk, hike, and even head into the Tea Plantation Factory where you will learn about the art of tea-making whilst being surrounded by beauty.

The Saung Angklung Udjo is a venue for performances and also hosting instrument workshops. You may even get the chance to catch a performance by the world-famous Angklung orchestra. When you visit Bandung you expect to enjoy good food, and amazing food you will get. The Lisung Boutique Restaurant not only serves incredible food, but it also gives you panoramic views of the city.

Bandung Station → Yogyakarta Railway Station | Duration: 7:43 h | Transfers: 0


There are several direct connections throughout the day to Yogyakarta. These tickets can be bought here.

Yogyakarta: Ancient Wonders

For art and history lovers, Yogyakarta is the center for Indonesia’s artistic heritage. It is an independent city that is still headed by a sultan, keeps to traditional customs of the past whilst moving with modern times. You will find street art filling the streets, malls perfect for a shopping trip, galleries to explore, and coffee shops to sit back and people-watch.

The Borobudur Temple is a must-visit in this city due to it being the largest Buddhist temple in the city. When you visit you can have the help of local guides to teach you about the ornate decorations of the walls around the temple, as well as take you to the top of the temple for vast views. Close by is the Prambanan Temple, a Hindu temple, that has an intricate history throughout its several buildings depicting the story of the temple through a variety of religious symbols.

The Taman Sari Water Castle is an old royal garden that has a workshop area, meditation area, and even a fun little hiding place. You will also be able to visit the Segaran Lake within the complex as well as having different options of pools to bathe in. Before you head to your next destination don’t miss the iconic picture in Java of the Hutan Pinus Pengger hand.

Yogyakarta Railway Station → Surabaya Gubeng | Duration: 3:45-5:00 h | Transfers: 0


There are multiple direct connections to Surabaya daily some connections taking 3:45h to 5:00h in duration. Buy your train tickets on Tiket.

Surabaya: Fun In The Sun

Surabaya is a city that mixes cultures from all around the world and is dynamic. It plays an important role in the nation’s history with its landmarks and heritage buildings that date back to the country’s independence. Although not considered to be much of a tourist destination, there are many must-visit attractions for this city.

The House of Sampoerna is a museum that shows the national history of Indonesia, its local economy, and the personal stories of the inhabitants creating an intriguing collection. The Atom Market is where locals and tourists enjoy handmade goods and fashion, as well as plenty of electronics and delicious local dishes.

Ria Kenjeran Beach has a natural beauty with a dynamic urban city standing behind it. At the beach, you will be able to witness incredible sunsets and sunrises, as well as enjoying fun watersports to keep you entertained.

Surabaya Gubeng → Malang | Duration: 1:55 h | Transfers: 0


There is one daily train to Malang which leaves around 4 am, or there is an option that leaves an hour later around 5:30 am but has a transfer in Sidoarjo. Buy your train tickets on Tiket.

Malang: Volcanic Wonders

Malang is home to amusement parks, national parks and mountains to be explored. You can head out into the nature that surrounds Malang and discover bountiful waterfalls. The Tumpak Sewu is home to a myriad of flows that head through the cliff to create one big waterfall. The Coban Putri attracts tourists due to its pristine waters and a great swing that lands you in the waters of the falls.

Mount Bromo is an iconic volcano that is visited by travelers in Malang. You can head out on a sunrise tour and enjoy views from the sightseeing spots, witnessing the mixing of the morning colors. You can then hike up to Mount Bromo where you will see the large crater and expansive views of Indonesia. The only conservation area in all of Indonesia, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is home to several volcanoes, with only one being active. You can head out on hikes around the extensive national park.

If you are looking for a bit more excitement, you can head to one of the many amusement parks that surround Malang. The Jatim Park is one amusement park complex with three different establishments. One with rides, the next a waterpark, and a cultural exhibition wonderland.

Malang → Surabaya Gubeng | Duration: 1:56h | Transfers: 0


Our final destination on this route is back to Surabaya where 1-2 direct trains leave daily around midday. Enjoy the final stop in Surabaya before heading home or if you want to add Bali to your travels, you can catch a bus (tickets here) to Probolinggo, then a train (tickets here) to Ketapang where you will be able to catch a short 30-min ferry to Gilimanuk on the island of Bali for some more fun! Note: there are no train connections in Bali but bus tickets can be found easily online at 12Go.

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