Delicious Wine Tours And Spectacular Countryside

Familiar with being an understated secret, this charming little nation has been embraced by travelers for its spectacular countryside and delicious wine tours. Moldova is home to fascinating architecture, wonderful wines, interesting culture, and history. On this Moldova itinerary, this diamond-in-the-rough country will leave you enchanted.

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Countries Visited: Moldova

Rail Passes: –

Price Range: $$

Recommended Days: 5-7 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 16 hr

Distance: 489 km

Transportation: Train

Chisinau: Winery Delights

Chisinau is the beautiful capital of Moldova that is known by food and wine lovers for the many delicious treats that it has to offer. This capital city is full of parks, street festivals, and plenty of sidewalk cafes that are perfect for people watching as the day goes by. You will be able to visit many wineries in each direction out of the city, and it makes for a great central hub for visiting the rest of the country. This is a great spot for a weekend break where you want to immerse yourself in the culture and then hit the exciting nightlife.

There are several wonderful museums worth visiting when you are in Chisinau, highlighting the fascinating past of the country. The National Museum of History has over 200,000 exhibits to wander through. The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History has an oriental design and is the oldest museum in Moldova with many of its collections dedicated to the customs and traditions of the country. Being a city filled with parks, these are a must-visit. The Stefan cel Mare is in the heart of the city with a fountain. Then head to Valea Morisot, which has a lake and little beach to relax by.

Moldovan cuisine takes inspiration from Greek, Polish and Ukrainian dishes and there are plenty of restaurants to visit in the city. Popasul Dacilor has authentic Moldovan decor with the staff dressed in traditional costumes and delectable dishes. It is a great spot for experiencing a bit of the culture alongside your meal. Chisinau is also a hotspot for wineries and bars. Not too far from the city is the Mileştii Mici which is an underground winery within a limestone quarry and has a collection of around two million bottles of wine.

Chisinau Train Station → Tiraspol Train Station | Duration: 2:37 h | Transfers: 0


Hop on the train to your next destination, be it only as a day trip or for a night. You will see the beautiful Moldovan landscape pass you by from your window, with green fields filling the surrounding areas.

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Tiraspol: Historical Beauty

Tiraspol is the second-largest city of Moldova, it is very different from that of the capital. With quiet streets that have been decorated with flowerbeds throughout, it is a breakaway republic that lies between the River Dniestr and the Eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. It is a great place to visit for a day from Chisinau showing the differences between the cultures, whilst also having an interesting history.

You have to try the famous Kvint in the city, considered to be a Transnistrian’s national treasure due to its production of cognac. You can tour the Kvint factory where you will have a chance to explore the Kvint wine and brandy distillery before heading to the store for some of the products that you got to taste. If you want to learn about the history between this little republic and Moldova, head to the Orheiul Vechi monastery that is set upon a rocky ridge on the Răut River. It has a complex cave monastery with ruins that date back through to the Middle Ages.

Due to Moldova being known for its wine, you should visit the Cricova Winery, which was instrumental in the development of the wine-growing production of the country. You will have the chance to tour the winery and taste the sparkling wine that is produced, as well as the many still wines. Being as the city is set on the River Dniestr, take a boat trip to relax after a busy day exploring. You will be able to enjoy some beautiful scenery that surrounds the area.

After a fun-filled adventure, you will head to your next destination. From the comfort of your seat, you will see the winding River Dniestr as it leads you to your next stop, and be encapsulated by rolling hills and green landscapes.

Tiraspol Train Station → Autogara | Duration: 8:00 h | Transfers: 1


After a fun-filled adventure, you will head to your next destination. From the comfort of your seat, you will see the winding River Dniestr as it leads you to your next stop, and be encapsulated by rolling hills and green landscapes.

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Soroca: Historic Architecture

Soroca is famous for its main attraction, the Soroca Fortress. As well as having a prominent position on the Dniestr River, which made it important for Moldovan defense. The city also has a large Roma community, which means that you will find gaudy mansions that line the streets up the hill that give spectacular sights over the landscape.

The Soroca Fortress was important in the fortification of Moldova as it created a political border on the Naslavcea River, and also provided economical and commercial security to the country. You can wander through the fortress, seeing much of its history still on the walls. The Roma Houses are a must-see on the hill that is west of the city due to the ornately decorated houses that line the street.

Take a stroll along the Nistru riverfront where you will be able to see enchanting views and maybe even see what is on the menu for dinner by chatting with the local fishermen. The Piața Centrală is the main market square, which hosts stalls filled with clothes, foods, and local crafts for you to peruse and buy.


Autogara → Chisinau Train Station | Duration: 5:29 h | Transfers: 1


The final stop on this Moldova itinerary is back to the beautiful capital, Chisinau. Explore the many wonders that you may have missed, or head out for a quick day trip to one of the many surrounding areas and even enjoy a tasting at one of the famous wineries.

Your train journey back to the capital will take you across emerald green fields that contrast with the brilliantly blue sky, see rolling hills surround you, and also catch a glimpse of winding rivers.


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