Belgium: Exquisite waffles and delectable beer


Belgium is a country straight out of a fairytale, a fairytale that includes exquisite waffles and delectable beer. This Belgium itinerary is jam-packed with history, fun, and picture-perfect spots that you won’t forget.

Making a round trip throughout the country, you cover everything from breweries to art and french fry museums to chateaus and romantic bridges. It may be a smaller European country; however, it delivers big when it comes to its cuisine and culture!



Where To Buy Tickets: OMIO

Countries Visited: Belgium

Price Range: $$$

Recommended Days: 7-10 Days

Riding Hours: Approx. 6 hr

Distance: 505 km

Transportation: Train

Brussels: Beer Fever

An interesting cityscape that has majestic architecture and quirky touches throughout.  Brussels allows you to wander through the streets where you will find regal mansions and art deco facades that contrast elegantly. You will find music, food, and beer around every corner due to its vibrant nature and versatility.

Take a trip to the Grand Palace that shows the splendor of the past along a cobbled alley. It is set in the world-famous square, which makes you step back in time. The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is one of Europe’s first covered shopping arcades, which is split into three halls.

Enjoy shopping in this lush setting, or taste the flavor of Belgium with a waffle in any of the cafes. Beer lovers rejoice when they head to Brussels thanks to the Delirium Cafe. You will be able to enjoy over 2,000 beers from around the world, so make sure to have a big dinner before delving into the taps.

Brussels-Central → Ghent-St-Pieters | Duration: 0:36h | Transfers: 0 | Transport: Train


Many trains depart hourly from Brussels to Ghent. The train starts at Brussels-Central and after 36min you arrive at Ghent-St-Pieters Station. If you stay closer to Brussels-Midi Station you can take the same train from there. Buy tickets at the station or online at OMIO.

Ghent: Industrial Coziness

Ghent is one of the country’s oldest cities along this Belgium itinerary. It has a cozy and vibrant feel that emanates from the culture. You will find a wealth of medieval and classical architecture that contrasts with post-industrial areas that have given Ghent a gritty feel. Within the tangle of canals and bridges, you will find protected monuments between the hipster spots. There is a little something for everyone in this small city.

Taste the flavor of the Flemish Foodies, three young and talented chefs, who set up restaurants around the city, Restaurant Publiek, De Vitrine, and J.E.F. Each dish consists of organic, local, and seasonal bound meats and veggies. Enjoy a post-meal wander while you saunter past 16th-Century houses that lie along the Patershol. Head into one of the little shops and try some traditional sweets of the region.

The S.M.A.K museum has a large collection of contemporary art and has built a reputation for the unexpected. The exhibits take over dozens of private houses, so it is an interesting visit.

Ghent Train Station → Bruges | Duration: 0:25h | Transfers: 0 | Transport: Train


There are several trains departing hourly from Ghent-St-Pieters Station to Bruges Station. The journey takes only 25 minutes and you are in the next quaint Belgian town. Check timetables and book tickets online from OMIO.

Recommended Accommodations:

Hostel Uppelink
Getaway Studios Ghent

Bruges: Fairytale Magic

If a fairytale land is what you are looking for, then the quaint town of Bruges is the perfect stop for you. With its picturesque cobbled lanes and canals, you will find many of the sites plastered on social media, especially during Christmas time. Take a trip to the photogenic market squares that are lined with towers, restaurants, and stalls. And wander through the lanes of old whitewashed almshouses.

Head to the Old Town that shows the medieval history of Bruges, here you will find exquisite architecture and winding streets to lose yourself. Why not head to the Friet Museum? A museum completely dedicated to french fries which will answer all of the historical french fry questions that you may have.

Or sip on the most delicious hot chocolate you will ever lay your lips on from the Old Chocolate House. Choose between varieties of chocolate from all over the world to melt into your drink. Head into the Basilica of the Holy Blood or take a stroll over the Bonifacius Bridge, known to be the most romantic bridge in the city.

Bruges → Dinant | Duration: 3:25 h | Transfers: 2 | Transport: Train


When traveling from Bruges to Dinant take the train to either Brussels-Midi or Brussels-Central both of which offer a connection every half hour onward to Namur where you will then transfer to your final train to Dinant. When booking tickets online from OMIO, make sure to make two separate bookings from Bruges to your choice of Brussels stations and then another booking from the Brussels station to Dinant (with a transfer in Namur). You will only need to make two bookings and not three for every leg of the trip.

Dinant: Striking Cliffs

Dinant has a striking and wonderful setting with it being set along a riverbank that lies under spectacular cliffs. The village has a magnificent cliff-top citadel that must be seen, as well as a decent collection of beer on offer. Placed upon the Meuse River, the village has an array of sights that are well worth the trip.

Walk along the River Meuse that flows through the village. You will see the colorful riverside homes or possibly take a riverside cruise to see Dinant from a different perspective. The La Citadelle de Dinant has an intriguing weapons museum and has also preserved the bakery, kitchens, barracks, and dungeons of this fortress.

Explore the Parc de Furfooz, a nature reserve where you will find a variety of beautiful flora and animals. If you want to visit something out of a storybook, then look no further than the Château de Vêves. A 15th-Century chateau that is gorgeous in its exterior and interior. Take a guided tour where you can appreciate the art and decoration of history through the village.

Dinant → Liège-Guillemins | Duration: 1:34 h | Transfers: 1 | Transport: Train


When travelling from Dinant to Liége, take the InterCity to Namur and change there to the Intercity to Liége-Guillemins. Trains leave every half hour, but check the timetables ahead of time and book your tickets with OMIO

Recommended Accommodations:

La ferme des belles gourmandes

Liège: Unique Quirkiness

In this beautiful little city, you will see layer upon layer of history, as well as free-spirited citizens that you won’t want to leave. Enjoy authentic dining experiences and reasonable beer prices in this quirky and upbeat setting. Indulge yourself with a Liège waffle, which contains exploding sugar crystals.

And don’t forget to quench your thirst in the Place du Marché, where you’ll find an abundance of bars before you explore the medieval center. The locals drink peket, a juniper-based alcohol, so don’t miss that!

If you’re looking for some exercise and a good view, a hike up the Bueren Mountain is for you. In fact, not a mountain at all Bueren Mountain is an urban staircase of 374 steps with a lovely candle-lined display in the evenings. Head over to the La cour Saint-Antoine, to explore a quaint courtyard or sit down for a meal of “boulets frites.”

Liège-Guillemins → Brussels-Central | Duration: 0:55h | Transfers: 0 | Transport: Train


Every 20-30 minutes a direct InterCity train departs from Liége-Guillemins to Brussels-Midi Station. Book your tickets online with OMIO. If you’re not quite ready to be done traveling in Europe by train, catch a train from Brussels to Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, or Luxembourg. Maybe you want to travel a bit farther? Check out our Interrail page to see where is best to travel in Europe.

Recommended Accommodations:

Univers Hôtel Liège-Guillemins

*Disclaimer: Due to the fluidity of transportation schedules, the information seen on RailwayHero may not be up to date at the time of readíng. Always double-check with the operator for the latest information.


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