A Travel Guide For The European East Pass

If you want to experience a big and impressive journey on a small budget, the European East Pass is the right choice for you! With this pass, you can travel across Eastern Europe and enjoy the beauty of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. These countries combined offer incredibly diverse and picturesque landscapes, which makes for train routes that are ideal for enjoying unique views. The pass is also worthwhile if you have little time and would like to get to know all the capitals, as they are all within easy reach by train.

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What is the European East Pass?

The European East Pass is a rail pass that offers unlimited travel on the national rail networks of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. You are free to decide how often you want to take the train per day.

Who can use the European East Pass?

Everyone apart from residents of Austria, the CzechRepublicHungary, and Slovakia can use the European East Pass.

Where can I use the European East Pass?

How much does it cost?

5 Travel Days In 1 Month$124$248$248
Travel Days In 1 Month$141$282$282
Travel Days In 1 Month$159$317$317
Travel Days In 1 Month$176$352$352
Travel Days In 1 Month$193$386$386
10 Travel Days In 1 Month$211$421$421


5 Travel Days In 1 Month$124$361$361
Travel Days In 1 Month$141$398$398
Travel Days In 1 Month$159$435$435
Travel Days In 1 Month$176$473$473
Travel Days In 1 Month$193$510$510
10 Travel Days In 1 Month$211$547$547


Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest

Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest

How does it work?

This European East Pass is printed on official train ticket paper which will be sent to you by mail. The pass must then be stamped and activated at the ticket counter of the first departure station before the first train journey.

Please make sure to validate the ticket within 6 months of ordering.

You can then use the train flexibly from 5 to 10 days a month whenever and wherever you want.
Simply board with your rail pass and choose any open seat.

Reservations are usually not necessary but are recommended if you want to take a specific train at a fixed time, a particularly popular route, or a night train.


With the European East Pass, you get discounts on buses and trains, cruises and ferries, museums and activities and more.

  • You can get the following discounts for example in Austria:
  • City tours by boat in Vienna: 20% discount
  • Danube tours from Wurm & Köck (Linz to Passau) at special rates
  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Wattens, Tyrol: Special conditions
  • Free admission to the ÖBB lounges in Vienna Südbf, Vienna Westbf and Salzburg Hbf for holders of the 1st Class European East Pass


In Hungary you get discounts on the following:

  • Double chairlift in Jánoshegy (Libego): 10% discount
  • Scenic Railway Danube Loop (Budapest-Nagymaros-Visegrád): 50 % of the award
  • Budapest-Esztergom panoramic cable car: 50% of the supplement
  • Panorama cableway Keszthely-Badacsonytomaj (Lake Balaton seasonal): 50% surcharge
  • Hungarian Railway Park by motor train from Nyugati Station: 50% off the entrance fee

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