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Useful Information

Population: 17.35 million

Currency: Kwacha

Language: English

Capital: Lusaka

Country code: +260

Time zone: Central Africa Time

Train Companies

The rail network in Zambia is operated by Zambia Railways (ZR), the national railway of Zambia, and the TAZARA Railway operates trains between Zambia and Tanzania.

Zambia Rail Map


Train Tickets

You cannot book train tickets online. Check timetable and fares online on Tazarsite and book by phone or buy tickets at the station.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Zambia.


The Zambezi Express is an express train from Lusaka to Livingstone.

  • Economy class (3 x 2 seats)
  • Standard class (2 x 2 seats)
  • Business class seats
  • Sleeper class: 3 and 6 berth compartments and a washbasin
  • Restaurant car

TAZARA Train connects the cities Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Frequently Travelled Routes In Zambia


From > To
Duration (h) Changes Transport
Lusaka to Livingstone 18:24 Direct Train




From > To
Duration (h) Changes Transport
Kapiri Mposhi to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 28:29 Direct Train


Zambia travel routes

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Main Train Stations

  • Lusaka
  • Livingstone
  • Cooperbelt
  • Kapiri Mposhi

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Zambia

We recommend visiting Zambia during the dry season from May to October. This is the best time of year to spot wildlife because the animals are in search of water sources and the shrubbery is thinner offering better chances to spot an animal laying in lower grasses. This is also a great time to visit Victoria Falls. We don’t particularly recommend going during the rainy season as plenty and/or most national parks will be closed due to road closures and excess rain. There are more opportunities to see and do more during the dry season; however, if the primary intent of the trip is birdwatching then the rainy season will be your season to visit!


  • Dry Season: May to October
  • Rainy Season: November to April
  • High Season: July to October 
  • Low Season: November to April

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