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Useful Information

Population: 33.7 million

Currency: Saudi-Riyal

Language: Arabic

Capital: Riyadh/Riad

Country Code: +966

Time Zone: Arabia Standard Time (AST)

Train Companies

The rail network in Saudi Arabia is operated by two state-owned companies. Saudi Railways Organisation (SAR) and Saudi Railway Company (SOR).

Train Tickets

Buy your train tickets for Saudi Arabia online on the Saudi Arabia Railways official homepage.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Saudi Arabia.


Riyadh – Dammam

  • Premium 1st class (2 x 1 seat)
  • Standard 2nd class (2 x 2 seats)
  • Buffet car and prayer area

Riyadh – Qassim – Hail – Al Jawf

  • Business class 1st class (2 x 1 seat)
  • Economy class 2nd class (2 x 2 seats)

Medina* – Jeddah Airport – Mecca**

  • Business class 1st class (2 x 1 seat)
  • Economy class 2nd class (2 x 2 seats)

*Non-muslims are not allowed around the prophets house in Medina (also known as Madinah), security will be enforced

**Non-muslims are not allowed into Mecca (also known as Makkah), security will be enforced


Frequently Travelled Routes In Saudi Arabia


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Riyadh to Dammam 3:31 Direct Train
Riyadh to Al Jawf 8:05 Direct Train
Riyadh to Hail 4:36 Direct Train
Medina to Mecca 2:25 Direct Train


Saudi Arabia travel routes

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Main Train Stations

  • Riyadh
  • Dammam
  • Al Jawf / Al Jouf
  • Hail
  • Medina
  • Mecca

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Saudi Arabia

The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is during its cooler months of October to March. Although November to February is when the most amount of tourists visit the country, it will be more comfortable to travel around during this time. Enjoy activities on the Red Sea such as snorkeling, scubadiving, or sunbathing, take a trip into the desert, visit the lost city of Madai’in Saleh, or teeter on the Edge of the Earth “Riyadh is Jebel Fihrayn.” If muslim, of course visit Medina and Mecca, however at the time of this writing non-muslims are not allowed to enter these cities. Make sure to follow dresscodes and be prepared for gender segregation.

  • Busy Season: November to February

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