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A Travel Guide For Train Travel In The Netherlands.

Here you will find information for the Netherlands about trains, routes, tours, connections, where to buy train tickets, and more.

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Useful Information

Population: 17 million

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch

Capital: Amsterdam

Country Code: +31

Time Zone: Central European Standard Time

Train Companies

The trains in the Netherlands are operated by the state owned railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS).

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Train Tickets


Buy your train tickets for the Netherlands online on Ns.nl the official homepage of the Netherlands Railway.

Buy your train tickets online at OMIO and compare trains, buses & flights.

Rail Passes

Interrail / Eurail Pass

Do you want to travel throughout Europe flexibly and comfortably? Then the Interrail Pass is perfect for you. With the Interrail Pass, you can visit 40,000 destinations in 33 countries in Europe. You can travel for up to 3 months by train.


The major rail network in the Netherlands is composed of the following trains:

Regional Trains in the Netherlands:

Sprinter (SPR) are slow regional trains that connect smaller towns to larger cities.

  • 1st and 2nd Class offered
  • Reservations not required
  • Trains are equipped with air-conditioning


InterCity (IC) links important cities such as Amsterdam, Maastricht und Utrecht.

  • 1st Class: Rows of three seats (2+1)
  • 2nd Class: Rows of four seats (2+2)
  • Reservations not required; however, recommended during the peak travel season
  • Trains are equipped with air-conditioning


InterCity Direct (IC) is a highspeed train that connects Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Amsterdam airport.

Intercity Express (ICE) connect Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The train is operated by Deutsche Bahn

  • 1st Class: Rows of three seats (2+1)
  • 2nd Class: Rows of four seats (2+2)
  • Reservations not required; however, recommended during the peak travel season
  • Trains are equipped with air-conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Board Restaurant


Thalys (THA) trains connect Amsterdam with Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France).

  • Standard: four seats per row (2+2)
  • Comfort: three seats per row (2+1)
  • Premium: three seats per row (2+1), additional services
  • Reservations are required
  • WI-FI
  • Board Bistro
  • Air conditioning

ÖBB Nightjet


    • Amsterdam – Utrecht – Cologne – Frankfurt – Munich – Innsbruck
    • Amsterdam – Utrecht – Cologne – Frankfurt – Linz – Innsbruck
  • Reservations are included in the ticket price
  • Sleeping Carriage:
    • Standard cabin includes your own bed, washbasin, and breakfast in the morning
    • Deluxe cabin includes your own bed, shower, toilet, washbasin, and breakfast in the morning
  • Couchette Carriage:
    • 4 berth and 6 berth couchette, as well as private compartments, are offered
    • Bathrooms are located in the coach carriage
    • Breakfast is included in the ticket price
  • Sitting Carriage:
    • 2nd Class offered, no 1st Class
    • Bathrooms are located in the coach carriage
    • Food cart offering a selected variety of drinks and food pass through the carriages.


Frequently Travelled Routes In The Netherlands


From > To
Duration (h) Changes Trains
Amsterdam to Den Haag 0:48 0-1 Intercity, Intercity Direct
Amsterdam to Rotterdam 0:41 – 1:15 0-1 Intercity, Intercity Direct, SPR
Amsterdam to Utrecht 0:26 Direct Intercity, ICE
Amsterdam to Eindhoven 1:19 Direct Intercity
Den Haag to Rotterdam 0:28 Direct SPR



From > To
Duration (h) Stops Transport
Amsterdam to Berlin 6:20 Direct ICE
Amsterdam to Frankfurt 4:00 Direct ICE
Amsterdam to Paris 3:30 Direct Thalys
Den Haag to Brussels 2:10 Direct InterCity
Rotterdam to Brussels 2:30 Direct InterCity


Netherlands travel routes

The Netherlands: It’s Not All Cheese!

The Netherlands: It’s Not All Cheese!

From Amsterdam To Paris

From Amsterdam To Paris

Main Train Stations

  • Amsterdam Centraal
  • Den Haag Centraal
  • Rotterdam Centraal
  • Utrecht Centraal
  • Eindhoven Centraal
  • Maastricht

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To The Netherlands

We recommend traveling anytime between mid-April and mid-October due to the pleasant temperatures; however, if visiting during wintertime the occasional freezing rain could be uncomfortable to go sightseeing in. The Netherlands is an all-year-round destination fortunately due to the lack of extreme seasonal changes in weather, and its maritime climate.

It can be your next beach destination, bike trip, tulip-smelling adventure, or windmill exploration. The Netherlands may be small, but there is plenty to see and do in every part of the country. In Amsterdam, tour the canals; in Gouda, visit the cheese market; in the Hague, celebrate Konigsdag, or in Keukenhof, smell the tulips. This is only the start of what there is in the Netherlands for you!

  • High Season: July – August 
  • Low Season: October – March 

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