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Useful Information

Population: 3.21 million

Currency: Eritrean Nafka

Language: Tigrinya, Arabic

Capital: Asmara

Country code: +291

Time zone: Eastern Africa Time (EAT)

Train Companies

The country’s trains are operated by Eritrean Railway.

Eritrea Rail Map


Train Tickets

Tickets in Eritrea may only be bought as a chartered journey, as it is not a regularly serviced route.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Eritrea.


There is only one chartered train between Massawa and Asmara (formerly known as Bishia). It is a narrow-gauge railway steam train.


Frequently Travelled Routes In Eritrea


From > To
Duration (h) Changes Transport
Massawa to Asmara  6:00 Direct Steam Train


Main Train Stations

  • Asmara
  • Massawa
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Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Eritrea

Eritrea has three different climates in different regions, one climate on the Red Sea in the coastal region, the central highlands, and the western lowlands. The climate in the mountains is not too hot, where Asmara, the capital is located in the central highlands and where it’s mild in temperature year-round.

The coastal temperatures change throughout the year with rainy bouts during June and July, as well as November to February. It can get unbearably hot from June to September, it’s best not to visit during this time. In the western lowlands, the stifling heat happens around April to June and has rainy bouts like the central highlands. Eritrea can be visited year-round, but choose your destination in the country wisely depending on the time of year. If you’re too hot, visit the mountains, if you’re too chilled, go lay on the beaches of the Red Sea or visit an island off the coast. 

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