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Useful Information

Population: 16.62 million

Currency: US-Dollar

Language: Spanish

Capital: Quito

Country code: +593

Time zone: Ecuador Time

Train Companies

The rail network in Ecuador is operated by the Ferrocarriles del Ecuador Empresa Publica(FE EP) or is also known as the Ecuadorian Railways Company.

Ecuador Rail Map


Train Tickets

Buy your train tickets for Ecuador at the train station or book a tour online on Ecuadorrail.net.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Ecuador.


  • Camino Al Boliche (Quito to Boliche via Machachi)
  • Devils Nose Train (Round trip from Alausi)
  • Machachi Festivo (Quito to Latacunga and Machachi)
  • Tren de la Libertad (Ibarra to Salinas)
  • Tren Crucero “Train Cruise” (Quito to Guayaquil – multi-night)
  • Surcos Andinos (Riobamba to Palmira)
  • Sendero de Arrozales (Duran/Guayaquil to Yaguachi)


Frequently Travelled Routes In Ecuador


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Quito to Tulcan 3:00 1 Bus
Quito to Ibarra 3:18 1 Bus
Quito to Salinas 9:29 1 Bus

Main Train Stations

  • Quito
  • El Boliche
  • Machachi
  • Alausi

TRain Tours in Ecuador

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Ecuador

Depending on the purpose of your visit to Ecuador and exactly where you want to visit in the country, a certain time of year may be favorable over another. There are several microclimates and regions throughout the country that have different patterns. In the highlands, sierra, from June to September is typically dry, and the rest of the year is sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoons. In the cloud forest area, it is rainy and humid year-round. You can find less rain in this region from December to February and August to September. On the coast and lowlands from December to April, it is hot and sunny and cools down in the afternoon with a quick shower. If venturing to the Galapagos islands, January to June are the best months to visit as they are sunny and not so rainy, compared to its overcast dry season.  

In Ecuador, enjoy the cloud forests, Andes, beaches, colonial cities, and so many other backdrops. From bird watching and dolphin spotting to ancient Incan ruins and turquoise blue volcanic crater lakes, Ecuador has something for you to be awed by. 

Busy Season: Mid-December to January, June to August
Rainy Season: December to May
Dry Season: June to November


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