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Useful Information

Population: 11.48 million

Currency: Cuban Convertible Peso

Language: Spanish

Capital: Havana

Country code: +53

Time zone: Eastern Time Zone

Train Companies

The rail network in Cuba is operated by the national railway company of Cuba Ferrocarriles de Cuba (FCC).

Train Tickets

There is no option to book train tickets for Cuba online. Tickets are sold by a travel agency called Viajero. They have offices all over Cuba and at most major rail stations. Tickets for the new Chinese-built trains are available 30 days in advance, and for all other trains, 5 days in advance.

Rail Passes

There are no rail passes available for Cuba.


Regular Trains run long and medium distances. Most of the trains are air-conditioned and offer service and a buffet on board.

Fast Train links Havana and Santiago with stops in Santa Clara and Camagüey.

  • Special 1st class and 1st class are offered
  • Air-conditioning
  • Cafeteria car

New-Chinese Built Trains 

  • 2nd class with opening windows and ceiling fans, 2+2 seats
  • 1st class with air-conditioning, 2+2 seats
  • Cafeteria car
  • Toilets
  • Drinking fountain



Frequently Travelled Routes In Cuba


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Havana to Santiago de Cuba 1:50 Direct Train
Havana to Cienfuegos 6:14 Direct Train
Havana to Santa Clara 5:53 Direct Train
Havana to Camaguey 11:24 Direct Train
Cienfuegos to Santiago de Cuba 14:07 1 Train
Santa Clara to Camaguey 6:02 Direct Train

Main Train Stations

  • Havana
  • Santa Clara
  • Cienfuegos
  • Santiago de Cuba

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Cuba


We recommend visiting Cuba during the dry season from November to April due to the low chance of rain and comfortable temperatures; however, the wet season is also an option as the rain showers are quick downpours and don’t last the whole day. Cuba is famed for its pristine beaches, world-class diving, cigars, and picture-perfect colorful colonial towns. There’s plenty to enjoy in Cuba and you’ll see first hand the locals know how to enjoy their lives here too! The Cubans love to host festivals and celebrations such as the Cuban Cigar Festival, Fiesta del Caribe Santiago de Cuba, Carnival in Santiago, New Year, Easter, and Fiesta del Fuego just to skim the surface. 

Enjoy hiking in Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt,  snorkeling on the coast, catch the monarch butterfly migration or simply soak up the culture from your stroll through Havana, Santiago, or any other town you visit. Cuba won’t disappoint!

Dry Season: November to April
Wet Season: May to September
Busy Season: Mid-December to March, July, August


Accommodation In Cuba


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