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Useful Information

Population: 4.04 million

Currency: Croatian Kuna

Language: Croatian

Capital: Zagreb

Country Code: +385

Time Zone: Central European Time

Train Companies

Most of the trains in Croatia are operated by the national railway company Hrvatske željeznic (HŽ).

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Train Tickets

Buy your train tickets for Croatia online on the HZPP official homepage.


Buy your train tickets online at OMIO and compare trains, buses & flights.

Rail Passes

Interrail / Eurail Pass

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Regional Trains in Croatia

Putnički vlak (Pt) are regional trains that make frequent stops in smaller towns 

  • 2nd Class only 


Brzi (B) connects Zagreb to cities all throughout Croatia 

  • 1st Class: Rows of three seats (2+1) 
  • 2nd Class: Compartments with 6 seats 
  • Reservations not required 
  • Many trains are equipped with air conditioning and sockets
  • Bicycles can be taken on most trains 


InterCity Nagibni (ICN) quickly connects Zagreb with Split. 

  • 1st & 2nd Class offered 
  • Reservations required 
  • Trains are equipped with air-conditioning, and some services are equipped with a bistro car offering a range of food and drinks.  


Intercity (IC) connects Zagreb with Rijeka, Osijek, and Budapest, Hungary 

  • 1st & 2nd Class offered 
  • Reservations required 
  • Most trains are equipped with power sockets and air-conditioning 

 EuroCity (EC) connects Croatia to Austria, Germany and Slovenia 

  • 1st and 2nd Classes offered 
  • No reservations required; however, we recommend them in the busy time of year. 
  • Trains are equipped with power sockets and air-conditioning, and some services are equipped with a dining car offering a range of food and drinks.

EuroNight (EN) 

Zagreb – Villach – Innsbruck – Zurich, Switzerland 
Rijeka – Ljubljana – Salzburg  – Munich, Germany 
Zagreb – Ljubljana – Salzburg – Munich, Germany 
Zagreb – Belgrade, Serbia 

  • Reservations are included in ticket price 

Sleeping Carriage:

  • Standard cabin includes your own bed, wash basin, and breakfast in the morning 
  • Deluxe cabin includes your own bed, shower, toilet, wash basin, and breakfast in the morning 

Couchette Carriage:

  • 4 berth and 6 berth couchette, as well as private compartments are offered 
  • Bathrooms are located in the coach carriage
  • Breakfast is included in ticket price

Sitting Carriage: 

  • 2nd Class offered, no 1st Class
  • Bathrooms are located in the coach carriage 
  • Food cart offering a selected variety of drinks and food pass through the carriages. 


Night Trains operated by MAV START, Hungarian Railways 

Routes (only available during summer months): 
Split via Zagreb – Budapest, Hungary 
Rijeka via Ljubljana – Budapest, Hungary  

Sleeping Carriage: 

  • 1 bed compartment, denoted as 1st Class  
  • 2 and 3 bed compartment, denoted as 2nd Class 
  • All compartments are inclusive of bedding, a private washing facility, and a light breakfast 
  • Toilets are located in the coach carriage 


Couchette Carriage: 

  • 4 berth and 6 berth couchette 
  • All couchettes are inclusive of bedding and a light breakfast 
  • Toilets are located in the coach carriage 
  • Sitting Carriage: 
  • 1st and 2nd Class offered 
  • Toilets are located in the coach carriage 

Danube Express Golden Eagle
Majestic Train De Luxe


Frequently Travelled Routes In Croatia


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Zagreb to Split 6:10 Direct Train
Zagreb to Krapina 1:30 – 2:50 1-2 Train
Zagreb to Rijeka 4:36 Direct Train
Zagreb to Sisak 0:47 Direct Train


From > To
Duration (h)
Changes Transport
Zagreb to Munich, Germany 8:27 direct EuroCity
Zagreb to Zurich, Switzerland 15:30 3-4 EC, RE, EC
Zagreb to Graz, Austria 3:57 direct  EuroCity
Zagreb to Ljubljana, Slovenia 2:00 direct Bus

Croatia travel routes

A Croatian Exploration

A Croatian Exploration

Main Train Stations

  • Zagreb (Zagrebački Glavni kolodvor) 

Train Tours in Croatia

Good to know

Best Time To Travel To Croatia

We recommend travelling anytime to Croatia since it’s a wonderful destination year round but your plans will determine when you go. If you’re interested in island hopping, beach holidays and lively festivals, make sure to visit in high season; although the shoulder months of May and September are still good for beach holidays. In the winter several businesses close down due to the lack of tourists, and the weather may not be predictable, but you will score great prices on activities and accommodation all over the country. Visit the national parks, Diocletian’s Palace, a vineyard, or the city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia will have something for you to see whenever you get here!


  • High Season: June – August 
  • Low Season: November – April  

Accommodation In Croatia


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