7 best Day Trips from Lisbon by Train


Lisbon is the capital of one of Europe’s supreme countries, Portugal. Lisbon is a lively and exhilarating city that puts forward a huge collection of activities and tourist fascinations. Lisbon is oozing with history, architecture, and culture that dates back to colonial times.

Apart from the reflection of old-times, Lisbon’s prime attraction also includes the pleasure its city life offers to its visitors. The best part about being in Lisbon is the ability to take day-trips to other nearby locations, adding fun to your trip.


1. Sintra

Sintra is a small town located near Sintra Mountain. It is a quaint town having cliffs with beaches, 19th-century castles, mountainous terrains for hiking, and intriguing architecture. Quinta da Regaleira, Cruz Alta, Castle of Moors, and Palace of Sintra, etc. are the must-visit places. 

Sintra is twenty-five km away from Lisbon and every 30 minutes a train leaves for Sintra from Lisbon’s Rossio Station. The journey is exciting and takes only around thirty-three to thirty-five minutes. This journey can also be done by bus but it will consume extra time, effort, and money.

2. Cascais

Cascais is an old beach-town situated in the west of Lisbon. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, burlesque night-life, and effervescent architecture.

Praia da Rainha, Cresmina Beach, and Guincho Beach are the top three beaches that must be visited. Multi tour day-trip should be arranged to visit the Old Centre of Cascais, Boca do Inferno, and Praia do Tamariz, etc.

You can reach Cascais either by train or local taxi transport. The train is cheaper, but slower and takes around one and a half hours while the taxi has a high fare but will get you to your destination in thirty-five to forty minutes.

3. Coimbra

Facing the river Mondego lies Coimbra. The university-city of Portugal, home to one of the oldest universities of Europe, a 12th-century palace, and an 18th-century tower that will take you back to old medieval times.

During the day-trip, the sight-seeing must include Biblioteca Joanina, Parish Church with Royal Remains, and the remains of Se Velha Church.  If you’re lucky you can experience the ‘Burning of Ribbons’ customs of Coimbra, done by the students and teachers of the university in May.

Coimbra is a stop in the middle of Lisbon and Porto. The journey to Coimbra can be done by train or bus. However, the fastest of these ways is by train which takes around two hours.

4. Nazare

For those who wish to add adventure to their day-trips, Nazare is the place to be. Nazare is famous for the pleasures of fishing, beaching, surfing, and the history it provides.

During your day-trip, you can visit the Fortress of Sao Miguel, Capela da Memoria, and the Chapel of St. Anthony. Those who crave adventure can take on surfing while others enjoy the traditional fishing activities of Nazare.

Reaching Nazare is very easy, as buses and trains are available options for the commute. The route to Nazare is very charming so the fastest and the most enjoyable one is the train, which takes around one and a half hours.

5. Setubal

Setubal is a metropolitan city at the haven of the Sado River. Famous for business city life, fishing, and its history this city is an international upcoming tourist spot.

The must-go places include the Monastery of Jesus, Quinta da Bacalhoa, Casa da Baia, etc. While other major attractions include, the Dolphin cruise, the wonderful Fortaleza Fort, and wine tasting at the Muscatel Vineyards.

To enjoy the scenic views of the Sado River ferry rides can also be taken from Lisbon to Setubal, but the fastest ways to reach this day-trip stop are by bus or train. The train is the most economical option of the three and takes around thirty-five minutes.

6. Evora

In the south, Evora the ‘Home of the Kings’ is located. Enriched in the history of the 12th-century and ancient Roman Empire, Evora was once the home to the Roman kings.

The incursion of that graciousness of the Roman Empire can still be experienced by taking a day-trip to the Museu de Evora, Roman Temple of Evora, and the Noble Houses. The most important sight to see is the panoramic view of the old town with the remains of walls and monuments of those ancient times.

You can travel from Lisbon to Evora either by train or bus. The preferred way is to use the inter-city train network which is fast, and the tracks are laid all around the city to give off eccentric travel sensations.

7. Berlenga Islands

Adding to the beauty of the Portuguese coast is the collection of islands and ridges called the Berlenga Islands. These islands are not just a beach attraction but offer significant historical value as well.

This is a worthy day-trip as it provides the opportunity to travel to St. John the Baptist’s 17th-century fort; however, this route is not suitable for kids due to the route to the fort being situated on an unsafe stone jetty. Other than that, the island is filled with rock formations, caves, and the beauty is leveled up by the crystal clear waters.

To reach the Island from Lisbon, you need to travel to Peniche either by bus or train. The next thing you need to do is to book yourself a ferry that will take you to the Berlenga Islands. The journey to the island is in itself a treat.




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